Passus Privacy Policy General

The one responsible for the processing integrated components from Novalnet AG in the web site. Novalnet is a full payment service provider, who takes over the payment processing among other tasks.

If the individual involved selects a payment method during the order processing in the online shop, data of the individual involved will be automatically transmitted to Novalnet. With the selection of a payment option, the individual involved agrees to the transmission of personal data for the processing of payment.

The personal details submitted to Novalnet are usually the first name, surname, address, gender, email address, IP address and if necessary date of birth, telephone number, mobile phone number and other data necessary to process payments. Also necessary for the processing of the sales agreement are those personal detai related to the respective order. In particular, there may be a mutual exchange of payment information, such as bank details, card number, expiry date and CVC code, details of goods and services, prices.

The transmission of data is intended in particular for identity verification, process payments and fraud prevention. The individual responsible for processing will transmit personal data to Novalnet in particular if there is a justified interest in the transmission. The personal details exchanged between Novalnet and the person responsible for processing will, if necessary, be transmitted by Novalnet to credit reference agencies. The purpose of this transmission is for identity and creditworthiness check.

Novalnet also transfers the personal details to service providers or subcontractors, as far as this is necessary tofulfil the contractual obligations or if the data is to be processed.

The person concerned has the possibility to revoke his/her consent to Novalnet to handle personal details at any time. A revocation does not affect personal details, which must be processed, used or transmitted for (contractual) payment processing.